Writing about a painting is like singing about a poem. Or something like that.

by Peggy Spiess in Miscellaneous
I have nothing against words; I just don’t see the point in writing about something that I’ve painted. Isn’t the act of painting an attempt to communicate in a manner that’s outside the realm of words? Why compromise that experience? If I feel the need to explain a painting—even if it’s just to myself—then I know I’m not finished with it.
So unless my attitude undergoes some drastic changes, the words in this blog, of which these are the first, will not be about the paintings you have been/will hopefully be oohing and ahhhing over on this site.
Perhaps this blog will never have more words in it than these; perhaps someday I’ll dig through mounds of words to find this first post, and laugh. I don’t really have a plan, but that’s fine with me, for once.

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