What draws me to painting is its mindlessness; its offer of escape, or
liberation, or both. These paintings are what happens when I allow myself to
step away from an absurdly convoluted culture and into whatever exists in the
absence of worry, fear, regret, drama, expectations and the rest—to find
myself solidly in the simple truth of the present moment. I’m sure everyone
has a something that does the same for them, sooner or later. Mine just
happens to be paint.
I paint what I like seeing—plants, sky, water, clouds. People don’t show up;
we’re everywhere already, and all too often making a mess of things. Titles per se
are absent as well. My feeling is that once I finish a piece, it’s no longer
about me or even about its subject (if that’s possible). At that point its
relationship with the viewer is all that exists—the eye of the beholder and all
that. The way I see it, a title or other “factual” information would serve only to muddy the waters.
Thanks for taking the time to look; the images on this site are just a sampling
of my work, and change periodically.
If you wish to purchase a piece, please contact me via the link on the home page to discuss shipping preferences and the cost thereof. All transactions are handled securely through PayPal.